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Muita dificuldade em divisão decimal.

2021.11.28 16:56 Abacaxi1992 Muita dificuldade em divisão decimal.

Caramba velho. Tô com uma dificuldade monstro em entender uma operação com número decimal. É a seguinte.
1.095 / 12.5
Eu sei da resposta e tal. Porém sempre que vou tentar fazer no papel me enrrolo. Alguém consegue me explicar isso no passo a passo da operação?
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Very exciting times
Happy for those who are able to attend The Spectacular & events around that week
Thrilling for those who have never been to LA
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2021.11.28 16:56 Proper-Bag4182 Worth Revisiting

Thank you to Samarkandy, the OP, the interviewer, and to these brave souls for sharing their perspective.
Since Boulder is small, you can figure out who these anonymous individuals are and I think it provides very important context for many things, but primarily the behavior of a few important witnesses, Rev H and the Whites…
“The following information was conveyed to me via a longtime resident of Boulder, Colorado. The elder lady has asked me not to disclose her identity out of fear of reprisal and a desire to not be pursued by any media organizations or journalists. The following are transcripts from multiple conversations her and I had over the telephone regarding the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the city of Boulder and the subsequent investigation that followed.
On Boulder: “I’ve lived here since 1986 and it is the perfect place for me. Minus the student and transient population, I know almost everyone in the city. Boulder is seen by many as a haven for the wealthy and privileged but the truth is everyone is welcome here.”
On the Ramseys: “I met them at church and they were very kind, very warm and likeable. We once held a luncheon at their home. Patsy went out of her way to make sure everyone felt at home and was taken care of. John led the prayer and I remember he said something along the lines of “Dear Lord, thank you for blessing us with these new friends.” I had never met a nicer couple. John and Patsy were obviously very wealthy but very connected to God and down to Earth. When I found out about Patsy’s battle with cancer I was blown away. You could not tell because she was so outgoing and energetic.”
On the Whites: “Priscilla had an opinion about everything. She viewed herself as the moral authority on all matters. They were California Republicans who had come to Colorado for a quieter, slower pace life for their kids. My husband liked Fleet but said that in the aftermath of the murder he changed. My husband felt uncomfortable around him and said that Fleet kept making comments that were concerning. He called Fleet about three weeks after the murder to check in on him and Fleet went on a rant about how JonBenet’s death was a Boulder only issue and outsiders shouldn’t be worried about it. He then said he was going to go to the Mayor and ask her to expel all non-local media from the city. My husband taught constitutional law for fourteen years and told Fleet that something like that would be illegal and impossible. Fleet didn’t care. Then sometime later I ran into Fleet at the grocery store, he pulled me aside and put his hands on my shoulders and said “Look, you and [Witness’ Husband Name Redacted] are on our team, right?” I had no idea what he was talking about and I told him that. He leaned closer and his grip on my shoulder tightened. “Priscilla and I need to know that we can count on you.” I was startled and honestly a bit scared. I politely told him that I had to leave because I was in a hurry and left the store as fast as I could. I remember driving home and feeling very uneasy. I kept checking my rear view and side mirrors. Once I pulled into the garage I let the door close all the way before getting out of the car. We still see the Whites around the city, but they don’t acknowledge us at all. Once I said Hi to Priscilla as she walked past me and she just rolled her eyes and kept going.”
On the neighbor: “[REDACTED] purposely changed her story to the police because she was scared and wanted no involvement in the matter. She heard JonBenet scream and later on she realized that the scream must have happened right before the child was killed. She regrets not calling the cops the moment she heard it. She always wondered what could have happened if she did. She doesn’t regret changing her story because she was trying to protect herself and her family.”
On Rol Hoverstock: “It was a Sunday at our church and the service had concluded. I was coming out of the restroom and walking down the hallway when I heard the heated conversation behind the closed door. Rol was saying “We need to move on, this church means too much to too many people.” and another voice saying “I think you’re right, we can learn from this but we have to take care of our own.” I thought I heard someone moving towards the door so I quickly moved away and headed for the parking lot. What that conversation was about I have no idea but I always remember Rol’s somber almost teary tone. When Rol passed away it was very sad for us because he meant everything to the church. He was one of God’s greatest gifts. I remember once walking into the conference room and [REDACTED], another kind soul who is no longer with us, showing Rol a piece of paper and Rol had a look of absolute terror on his face. I immediately turned around knowing I had accidentally walked into a private conversation but Rol composed himself in a flash and with a smile asked me back into the room. [REDACTED] walked out. His face was expressionless. Church gossip about JonBenet’s murder was very unpleasant. One time the ladies were doing a group discussion and we were sitting in a circular setting, kind of like an AA meeting, and JonBenet’s death came up. One lady said with a stern tone, “How can we be certain that someone from this church is not involved in this? How do we know Rol is telling us the truth about what John and Patsy have told him?” Nobody said anything and there was a pause which felt like a lifetime. I raised my head and softly said “I don’t think anybody in this church would intentionally hurt a child” Others nodded in agreement. The truth is I had no idea but felt the need to help ease the fear.”
On the media sensation: “I don’t watch any of that stuff. It is too depressing because I knew these people. My husband watched one of the recent shows and said that they showed pictures of JonBenet’s body in the living room of the Ramsey’s house. I can’t even comprehend how they allowed that. Where did they get the photographs from? We had reporters knocking on our door after the murder and we all told them the same thing. We were not interested.”
On what she thinks happened: “I think JonBenet was definitely killed by someone who broke into the house. I never suspected that John or Pasty did it. There are things that happened afterwards that make no sense to me. I don’t understand why the Whites and Ramseys stopped talking to each other. I don’t understand why the Ramseys were in such a rush to get out of Boulder. There are so many things that don’t add up. My husband said that the killer sexually assaulted JonBenet but put her pants back on before leaving her in the basement. I never understood that. Killers rarely if ever behave like that. I knew [REDACTED} had heard the scream so the killer had to have been spooked by it because he thought maybe the parents might wake up. Wouldn’t he go running from that house and not take the time to redress the child? I kept asking myself that question and was slowly becoming convinced of John and Patsy’s guilt but once I found out about the male DNA it was a settled matter to me.”
On the status of the case: “I don’t think it will ever be solved, sadly. I don’t think the city wants it to be solved now. Everyone’s attitude is just move on and forget it. The city spent a lot of money, time and resources trying to find her killer but it all came to a dead end. In real life I guess there isn’t always a happy ending. Sometimes reality just has to be depressingly sad in it’s truth, and the truth in this situation is that somebody killed an innocent six-year old girl and got away with it.”
On the Boulder police: “They never even interviewed my husband and I. We were friends with the Ramseys, had been over to their house, and went to church with them. In a murder investigation that is not going anywhere why wouldn’t they try and talk to everyone in the Ramsey family’s orbit? That never sat right with me. Some of my church members expressed the same sentiment. We felt like the police were not doing everything that they could. I was at Chautauqua Park once and saw one my girlfriends there. She had a magazine with her and showed me an article that said the police had failed to properly control the crime scene and evidence might have been lost. We left the park together and she chucked the magazine into a trash bin. “They are so fucking incompetent.” she snapped.
On the Grand Jury indictments: “When they came out my husband sat down and looked at them and told me that they indicated that a third party from outside the house had committed the murder. Well that makes sense I thought because of the DNA. He then said the indictments also indicate that the Ramseys knew who the killer was and helped him get away with it. That made no sense to me at all. Why would John and Pasty help the killer of their own daughter get away it? Another friend of ours said the indictments might have been targeting both of the Ramseys but the Grand Jury might have been unsure about who the actual killer was between them. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just throwing stuff at the wall and just seeing what stuck.” my husband said. The public and partial release of the indictments added to the mystery.”
On rumors of sex rings: “Those rumors started right after the murder. People were whispering that Fleet was a part of something like that and maybe John too. I thought it was laughable. Boulder is a very liberal place and people are very open-minded about things but the notion of a sex-ring involving people I knew was just too much for me to process at the time. My husband later told me that some people were taking the sex-ring possibility very seriously and asking uncomfortable questions. Nothing ever came of it to my understanding.”
On JonBenet: “She was the sweetest and most extroverted child I had ever met. She was full of life and always interacting with everyone and everything in her sight. People started saying that Patsy forced her to do the pageant stuff but I find that hard to believe. We didn’t even know she did pageants until after the murder, I really don’t think it was a big part of her life. My husband and I speculated about the possibility of a pedophile seeing her at one of those events and becoming infatuated with her.”
On Burke: “He was a very quiet, very reserved kid. I remember thinking John was probably like that too when he was a kid. Burke never bothered anyone, and never seemed to be upset. At the small memorial we did at our church after she died, Burke seemed bored. I remember thinking he was probably mourning in private. John was remarkably well composed also. Patsy of course was a mess. I remember when the CBS documentary came out and Burke became the prime suspect in most people’s eyes. That was really the limit for me. I didn’t want to think about this case anymore, and I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone ever again. The fact that they would accuse him of murder and his parents of covering it up is just disgusting. My husband had watched all the television programs and read all the stuff on the internet and told me that there was no way a nine-year old boy could do what had been done to JonBenet. I heard he sued CBS and reached a settlement, so good for him.”
On speaking out now: “Well for one thing you aren’t a professional journalist (referring to me) you are a normal person like I am and you were very respectful in your approach. Second, I’m in my sunset years, I don’t want to sound morbid but I’m probably in the last decade of my life as are the other people who were a part of this thing. I wanted some recorded account of my story, what I saw and witnessed, out there. I sure as hell was not going to contact the local newspaper or a major media outlet so this is actually good for me.”
On Alex Hunter: “I like him as person but I think his conduct as D.A. was inappropriate. I heard that he was talking to journalists in his office privately instead of at formal press conferences like he should have been. I remember thinking that wouldn’t sit well with people. That reporter from the Globe, Jeff Shapiro, apparently became really close to Alex and was getting a lot of good information from him but when the Boulder police found out it caused some drama. Fleet called my husband and told him that a detective had told him that Alex was giving information to reporters. I think Fleet expected my husband to be equally upset but he wasn’t because by then we knew how high-profile the case had become. Later on a mutual friend told us that Fleet tried to confront Jeff Shapiro and it ended with Fleet chasing him down in his car and going over the curb. Again this is something that never made sense to us. Why would the police inform Fleet about the D.A.’s activities and why would Fleet feel the need to confront a journalist when he and Priscilla were doing exactly what my husband and I were doing and not talking to them.”
On friend’s daughter being attacked: “They came back from a movie late one night. [REDACTED] husband was out of town, I think he was a psychiatrist but I could be wrong. Anyways they turned the burglar alarm on and went to bed. Her daughter slept in a room just down the hall from her room. She woke up sometime later because she thought she heard noises. She called out for her daughter but got no response so she got her pepper spray from her bedside table and went to investigate. As she made her way down the hall a man burst out from her daughter’s room and ran past her. She tried to spray him but he was wearing a ski mask. He ran right past her onto the upper floor patio and leapt off. She ran back to her daughter’s room and found her with her underwear around her ankles, crying in bed with her face in her hands. The man was dressed in all black and [REDACTED] told me she believes he got into her house when they were out because she had turned the burglar alarm on before going to bed. The police were called but they never were able to find the person responsible. [REDACTED] daughter and JonBenet went to the same dance studio and I remember how scary it was to learn that. JonBenet had been killed only six to seven months prior. Her husband was furious with the Boulder police. He said it was ridiculous that they dismissed any connection to the Ramsey case and never explained why. He hired a private investigator and that person concluded that the person responsible was the elder gentleman who played Santa Clause for the Ramseys every year. [REDACTED] had seen the perpetrator run and jump from the second floor of her house and could not believe that an aging man with health problems could that. They fired the private investigator.”
The following is a continuation from our last post. In the previous post we provided statements from an individual who was friends with the Ramsey family and attended the same church as them. These statements are from a gentleman who served with the Boulder Police Department before and after the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. He too has requested his identity be withheld. The interview was conducted via telephone and below are some of his highlighted statements. The information is presented in the same format as our previous post.
On the Boulder Police: “There is no consensus amongst the Boulder cops about what really what happened. People think the department is dead set on the Ramsey family being guilty but that is not true from what I saw. Everyone has more questions than opinions to offer. I told my friend once over a glass of wine on a Friday evening that if Lou Smit couldn’t crack this case then nobody would. She asked me about the mismanagement of the crime scene and how it could have destroyed evidence. I bowed my head and sighed. “Yeah, there is no coming back from that.” I said. I must have sounded like someone finally admitting something they had always tried their hardest not to.”
On Detective Linda Arndt: “They fucked her. They completely scapegoated her. She was doing her best to control the situation with little to no help. She repeatedly asked for back up but it never came until the true nature of the situation was discovered. Did she make a mistake by asking John Ramsey and Fleet White to search the house? Yes. But didn’t the first responding officer also make a mistake by not seeing the latch on the door that led to the room where the body was? This was a collective failure on all of our parts. I firmly believe that.“
On Officer Rick French: “He was really torn up. He blamed himself for not finding the body first. He tried to open the door but it was latched shut and he didn’t see the latch. He said the basement lights were on when he first went down there so he immediately suspected that the kidnappers had been there. He said Patsy was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and John seemed to be trying his best to keep it together but he was clearly panicking also. Some news reports later said that he suspected the Ramseys right away but that’s all bullshit.”
On Fleet White: “I don’t know what that guy’s deal is. Always making veiled comments to people, getting in their personal space and raising his voice. We received a non-emergency call from St. John’s Episcopal Church not long after the murder, the caller said White had forced his way into a room where the Ramseys were meeting privately with Father Hoverstock and was screaming. When we got there White had left and so had the Ramseys, Father Hoverstock assured us everything was okay so we didn’t follow up on it but he definitely scared the church members. Steve (Thomas) cultivated a friendship with him and we never understood why. White would make unreasonable demands to the Mayor, the District Attorney, the Police Chief and even to the City Council. He was more adamant about his innocence being publicly declared than the Ramseys were. I remember when he was arrested on a Contempt of Court charge and brought in. He kept jabbering about “government abuse” and “mistreatment.” I just walked out and chuckled. What a character I remember thinking to myself.”
On Commander Trujillo: “Trujillo is a yes man. He did everything he needed to in order to ascend up the ranks. He is politically very savvy. He never went against the narrative or direction that came from higher up. He has a comical attitude towards the case. I don’t think he takes it very seriously. He is a good cop for the most part and a decent person. He has done quite well for himself.”
On John Eller: “He was too old-school for his own good. Too prideful to be effective. He never knew when to ask for help and had disdain for other people in the department who were very passionate about modernizing their skill set and trade craft. He discouraged us from taking courses outside of the department that might have helped us progress our careers. He said we could learn everything from the streets. What fucking streets? I would ask myself. Boulder? Where the most action you got was breaking up fights between drunk college kids?”
On law enforcement career: “I don’t want to give detailed information about when I started working for the Boulder police or when I left. Any specifics will help pinpoint my identity and I have no desire to become a social outcast in my retirement years. I was there when JonBenet was murdered and I can speak on it.”
On Lou Smit: “He was the most respectful, dedicated and intelligent law enforcement professional that I had ever met. I had to run two boxes of case files over to their war room at the Boulder County Justice Center one evening and when I got there he was the only one left. He was taking some files home to review over the weekend and I helped him carry four boxes loaded with binders and stacks of paper to his car. “I definitely don’t envy your current situation.” I said jokingly. He laughed and said “This was all part of God’s plan.” As I drove back the unfairness of the situation dawned on me. Lou was a retired cop who was relentlessly working on the most high-profile case in the region in decades when he should have been spending as much time as possible with his family.”
On Mayor Lesile Durgin’s public announcement: “That fucking confused all of us. Why the hell would she say something like that? Did she know something that we didn’t? The murder had just happened. We almost dispatched a team to interview her on the day she made that statement but the higher ups quashed it. They concluded it that she was just trying to calm the public. It was a very reckless thing for her to do. She apologized it for later but damn was that stupid.”
On Steve Thomas and Lou Smit confrontation: “Yeah, Steve, told us about that. Lou confronted him face to face when they were alone at the Justice Center and asked him if he had a problem with him. Steve said that Lou probably would have swung on him had Lou been the same age as Steve. I watched Perfect Murder, Perfect Town and laughed through the whole thing. The real life Steve Thomas is not some alpha male who had all the right answers. That’s just not accurate. Steve was very alienated when he finally quit. A lot of us privately felt that his theory had little to no evidence to back it but we never told him. I walked by his workspace not long before he quit and he looked absolutely defeated, close to tears.”
On the crime scene: “Getting into that house was not hard. There were multiple windows that were unlocked and large enough for someone to come through. The door on the south side of the house that led to the patio area was unlocked. The door on the north side of the house that provided access to the butler’s kitchen was unlocked. The window below the grate was also unlocked and led right into the basement. The parents were asleep on the third floor so anyone moving around the first and second floor would have felt comfortable. The alley behind the house is pitch black at night. No street lights flood into that area. If you’re standing in that alley you literally can’t see five feet in front of you. I was on guard duty at the house when the coroner, John Meyer, arrived and escorted him in. JonBenet’s body was in the living room. Somebody had placed a blanket over her. Her hands were over her head and loosely tied. Her face was turned to the right. Her fingers were already a shade of blue. “This child has been dead for quiet some time” said Meyer. I couldn’t bare the smell so I went back outside.”
On the suspects: “I never had a prime suspect but my gut tells me that JonBenet was targeted for murder long before that night. She was sexually assaulted so I think the primary motive for the killer is pretty obvious. Walking through that house and knowing that she was found in the basement led me to conclude that perpetrator wanted to be alone with her and have his way with her before killing her. The basement was the quietest, most isolated part of that house. JonBenet’s bedroom and the balcony attached to it is observable from the alley behind the house. The killer might have been watching her on multiple nights before finally acting out. The ransom note also told us that the killer was already inside the house when the family came home that night. I think he hid in the basement or the room right next to JonBenet’s. Fibers from the cord used to strangle and bind her were found in her bed so I think she was attacked and subdued in her bedroom. There was a pillow that we found in the kitchen that might have also come from her bedroom.”
On pageant photographs: “There are two photographs that the Boulder Police have in their possession of JonBenet with her instructor. One I think was taken in Texas and the other one was in Colorado. In both of these pictures JonBenet is sitting in her instructor’s lap and in both of these pictures you have the same blonde man standing right behind them. You have to see these photographs to really understand how eerie it is. We never were able to identify this man and nobody that was questioned ever acknowledged knowing him. There was a break in and sexual assault in Boulder after JonBenet’s death where a young female was attacked by an intruder. The mother chased off the man but both the mother and daughter said the man had blonde hair. We talked to pageant moms and they said they didn’t know who the man in the photograph was but they routinely had to ask people to leave pageant shows because they didn’t have a connection to the child performers or made people uncomfortable.”
Below is part two of our interview with the gentleman who retired from the Boulder Police Department. His period of service predates the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and concluded some time after. If you have not read part one of the interview then we suggest you start there first. The information is presented in the same format as our last two posts. Due to the positive response to our previous posts we have decided to publish more of our interviews as well as investigative essays that will explore different aspects of the crime. It is important to remember that this is still an open investigation and any tips should be forwarded to the Boulder Police Department and not to us. Lastly due to the high-profile nature of this case and the strong public interest in it, all comments on this blog will have to be approved by the moderator.
On Steve Thomas’ book: “I read it when it first came out. I honestly don’t know what to think of it. It seemed like the entire book was Steve basically saying over and over again how he was the guy with all of the right answers and how he was the guy who was always trying to do the right thing but everyone else was acting as an obstacle. I know he had health problems during that time, I think something was wrong with his thyroid, and I wonder if that influenced his judgment at all. When Commander Eller was fired for authorizing Steve and Ron (Gossage) to secretly record Jeff Shapiro, I didn’t understand why Steve and Ron weren’t fired also. The whole thing was obviously an attempt to get Hunter fired so everyone involved should have paid the price. I guess the higher ups decided that two detectives as well as the head of detectives getting fired at the same time would be an unmanageable public relations crisis. There was other stuff in Steve’s book that made me uncomfortable. He talked about JonBenet like he knew her. He wrote that in his opinion she would have eventually rejected the pageant lifestyle. He wrote that most people didn’t really know who the real JonBenet was. That to me is inappropriate for a detective. He was clearly too emotionally invested in the case.”
On criticism of the Boulder PD: “Most of it is justified in my opinion. We made a lot of mistakes early on. I already talked to you about the failure to preserve the crime scene but there were other blunders that contributed to the case never being solved. Our neighborhood canvass was probably not as expansive as it should have been. We should have taken the Ramseys down to the station right after the body was found and interviewed them. We should have accepted the help of outside agencies from the get go. Having seasoned homicide investigators from the start would have been very helpful. Stan Garnett, the former District Attorney, said publicly a while back that the mistakes made early on were probably the reason why this case will never be solved. He said they were pretty much impossible to overcome for any prosecutor. We still might get lucky and get a DNA match with a confession to go along with it but after all this time I just don’t know if we would be that lucky.”
On rift between Boulder PD and Alex Hunter: “The dislike was there long before JonBenet’s murder. Boulder’s elected officials were very selective in the crimes they wanted to take to trial. Drug and sex related offenses were routinely not prosecuted and if they were the end result was effectively a legal slap on the wrist for the perpetrator. The Boulder Police Department had a lot of old school, hard nosed cops. They never felt like the D.A. appreciated them because of the high number of cases that Hunter refused to take to trial. Eller and Hunter always disliked each other. They never got along. Eller always thought Hunter wanted him to kiss his ass and Hunter felt that Eller was too arrogant to be a good cop. Hunter was an elected official so he prioritized having good relations with everyone. Eller only wanted the respect of the cops who worked for him.”
On Hunter speaking to media: “I think the primary motive for Hunter to open up to all of these reporters was his belief that the Boulder Police had developed tunnel vision and were focusing solely on the Ramseys. (Pete) Hoffstrom repeatedly told Hunter and any Boulder cop who would listen that mistakes were being made that might doom the prospects of any future prosecution. He slammed Eller for clearing suspects on the thinnest of alibis. We knew early on that the Police and the D.A. not being on the same page was a recipe for disaster. Hunter, I think saw these reporters and journalists as his own private investigative team. When Commander Eller falsely accused Hunter of breaking into the war room at the Justice Center it became evident that the case was in deep trouble. Here you had the head of detectives accusing the District Attorney of breaking and entering plus tampering with evidence and the public was expecting them to work together to bring the killer of a child to justice.”
On John Mark Karr: “I was disappointed when I learned that his DNA didn’t match. I was hoping this was the guy and finally we could have closure to this case. The one good thing that came of it was that it showed that Boulder’s legal system was capable of going after someone that they deemed to be a legitimate suspect. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security got involved and they were able to get this guy from Thailand and bring him to Colorado. If the real killer comes onto the radar in the future then I hope they go after him with same intensity and dedication that they demonstrated during the Karr saga.”
On Professor Michael Tracey: “He fully immersed himself into the case. That really became his only hobby outside of teaching at the university. He was a staunch supporter of the Ramsey’s innocence. Once the documentaries that he worked on came out people were talking about the murder like it had just happened. It thrust everything back into the spotlight and I think that was his primary objective. Fleet White was furious and in typical fashion wrote to the university and asked for Tracey’s termination. I remember thinking “Well, Boulder is back to normal again.” There were a few weeks of pure nostalgia. The entire city people talking about their favorite theories of the case, media inquires on a daily basis and tips being called in from all over the country.” I ran into him at the Hungry Toad, a popular pub in Boulder, not long after my retirement. I introduced myself and he was delighted to be speaking to an ex-Boulder cop. Once I told him that I also thought the parents were most likely innocent he became noticeably ecstatic. “Finally! One of the good cops!” he exclaimed. I laughed. The man was clearly drunk but here at this pub on a Saturday night all these years later, JonBenet’s murder was still dominating his thoughts.”
On questions that still need to be answered: “People think if the killer is caught tomorrow and put behind bars then we will have all the answers but I don’t subscribe to that idea anymore. There are a lot of things that need to be explained and serious questions need to be answered. There is more to this murder than people realize. Somebody tried to kill Sergeant Bob Whitson, somebody splashed a bucket of blood onto Linda Arndt’s front door, somebody put a dead cat on Steve Thomas’ front lawn. There is other stuff that I want to talk about but I don’t know if I should because some of it is really explosive and has never been publicly revealed. I’ll say this though and try to read between the lines. JonBenet was a kid whose parents knew where she was at all times when she wasn’t at the house. She went to school, she performed in public places, she took dance and piano lessons, participated in multiple pageants and was part of the local Girl Scouts Club. The killer had to have seen her at one of those places. The killer’s knowledge of her obviously came from observing her somewhere, where ever that place may have been. This was most likely not a case of a spontaneous intrusion into a house that was followed by an on-the-spot decision to sexually assault and murder the victim. There was premeditation to this crime. Lastly the killer’s confidence in entering the home, writing a ransom note, removing the victim from her bedroom, killing her and then leaving undetected tells me that this person felt very comfortable inside the home. I think when a crime is committed that is that brazen then we should take a second look at the suspects who were within close proximity to the family. Again, I am not a believer in the Ramseys being guilty but I think there are answers to be discovered that are closer to home.”
On intruder suspicions: “Like I said before, I believe there likely are answers to be discovered in this case that are closer to home. This is just my opinion but the killer seemed to know the Ramseys would be leaving their house that evening. The killer knew he had enough time to write a three page ransom note plus there were pages recovered where the killer seemed to have started drafts of the ransom note. The Ramseys owned a dog that wasn’t there that night. A dog could easily foil any intruder. Did the killer just get lucky or did he already know the dog wouldn’t be there? Going back to my suspicions of the killer knowing the Ramseys would be leaving that evening, was he watching the house from the alleyway? That is unlikely because the Ramseys probably would have seen him as they pulled out. As I’ve said before, I think it’s possible he had watched JonBenet from that alleyway prior to the night of the murder but lurking there as they pulled out would be far too risky. Was the killer watching from a house that provided a vantage point overlooking the driveway and the Ramsey’s garage? Maybe. But I think it’s far more plausible that he already knew in advance they were going somewhere that evening and the house would be vacant for quite some time before they returned. If my suspicions are correct then we need to take a stronger look at the people who the Ramseys closely associated with. People who would be privy to their Christmas day schedule. People who would know about their dog being with a neighbor. If you took all the people who had knowledge of those things and put them on a list then it probably wouldn’t be a very big list.”
On Boulder based cults: “The city has always had a very tolerant attitude towards those kinds of things. Alternative lifestyles and activities that defy cultural norms thrive here. Sometimes these practices can be simple and harmless, like people who explore self-healthcare treatments that are outside of the acceptance of mainstream medical practices. You can also have groups that cause harm to people who get involved with them. There is an organization called the Resurrection Church that operates out of Boulder. They allegedly subjected their members to severe psychological abuse and financial burden. The Twelve Tribes is another group that was rumored to partake in illicit activities. One or more teachers of the Shambhala Organization have been accused of sexual misconduct, and if I recall correctly there was an arrest made in that case. Members of the Family International who resided in Boulder County were also accused of abusing fellow members of their organization at a location abroad. In summary, there are plenty of folks in Boulder who are a part of those kinds of things.”
On Ramsey family’s culpability: “Evidence is all that ultimately matters. You need to be able to prove your argument beyond a reasonable doubt. There are too many facts in this case that are exculpatory to the family and point to an outsider being present in the home that night. You don’t have to take my word for it. A federal Judge has said the same thing. Lou Smit, whose murder clearance rate was well above average, said the same thing. The fact that the roll of duct tape and nylon cord could not be sourced to the house is alone a major obstacle to overcome for any prosecutor who would try and target the Ramseys. I understand the DNA evidence is still contested and it might not be a single source profile but there is foreign genetic material present in a very incriminating location on the victim. The FBI concluded there was enough material present to be allowed into their national database.
On ransom demand: “The note demanded $118,000. John Ramsey’s Christmas bonus was $118,117. Remember what I said earlier about the need to look for answers that are closer to home? That is another example of why I feel that way. Not everyone had access to the information that the killer apparently did. I will also add that the low sum demanded suggests that kidnapping was never really the actual motive here. People have speculated that it might have been but something went wrong and the perpetrator decided to kill the child but I find that hard to believe. If you could remove the child from her bedroom and get her into the basement then you could remove her from the house if that is what you originally intended.
On sealed Grand Jury true bills: “Counts four and counts seven have been released. What are counts one, two, three, five and six? That is the big question. When the judge ordered the release he cited the statue of limitations expiring on counts four and seven as a reason for doing so. If any of the other counts allege murder, there is no statue of limitations for that, so if there is never a prosecution then you may never see what they say or who they target. We also need to be reasonable with our expectations and assumptions regarding the still sealed charges. They might not be referring to an outside third-party as being the one responsible for first degree murder. They might be saying that either John or Patsy is the killer but they can’t say for sure who is. If that is the case then it vindicates Hunter for not signing off on them. It is also consistent with public comments made by the grand jurors in recent years.”
Final thoughts on Fleet White: “I think him and his wife should speak out on camera for the 25th anniversary. None of us are getting any younger and the public has a lot of questions about their involvement in the case. Certainly there are people who suspect them of foul play but there also people who would like them to explain why they had a falling out with the Ramseys after JonBenet died. What happened in Atlanta? Was there really an argument or altercation that got out of hand? Because there are conflicting accounts from the Ramseys and Whites on that. Many people have stories about Fleet’s outbursts and questionable remarks so they should definitely address that. You don’t want those kinds of stories following you and your family around if you are just a witness in an unsolved murder."
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Change birthdate I accidentally put the wrong number for the year of my birthdate to see certain game pages (my account birthdate is 2000 and correct) but to see games it won't change. How can I check the games now?
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Anyone have any good experience with online lessons? I see there’s some good feedback on here about Bass Buzz. But I was considering Jam Play. Anyone have any experience both and how they compare?
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2021.11.28 16:56 Raeubermama My Santa is so generous :-)

My Santa is so generous :-) https://preview.redd.it/apsl5ku16e281.jpg?width=3648&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3998c6206beba9b55c058ed03283c5cd39eb5293
Right after matching, my Santa u/paradoxmo reached out to me and since then, we shared some lovely messages :-)
He had the great idea to send me a calendar from a retailer and in addition a personal card from Taiwan as well.
Since the calendar was not shipped for quite a while, my Santa also sent a Bonus gift from German Amazon, so that we had something to be happy about in November. How generous and thoughtful is that!?!
We received a glas of Waterman Serenity Blue ink, a converter (which I have never used before, but which is very eco-friendly) and a beautiful Pilot fountain pen in a case. It's absolutely awesome and very useful and I think, my oldest son and me will share these gifts, since we both like them a lot. :-)
Soon after, also a letter from Taiwan reached us. I'm so impressed by my Santa's stunning handwriting! It's real art and I love it!!! I didn't know that 2021 was the Chinese year of the Ox. But since I've seen the pretty additional card, I do. Thank you for this personal touch and for the glimpse into your culture!
This week, the calendar arrived here and my Santa picked a fantastic, huge and very special wall-calendar :-) It's called "The Year 12,022 - Human Era Calendar". I've never heard of it before, but we liked it straight away. The pictures are gorgeous and the quality is so high. It's very interesting that you can find many information and facts about dinosaurs and plants of the Phanerozoic Eon in there.
My Santa also ordered two sheets of stickers. My middle son is very interested in planets, so they are perfect.
Thank you very, very much, dear Santa!
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