The nonexistent skinner island OR

2021.11.28 16:57 crabfuck3r The nonexistent skinner island OR

Real looking coordinates that don't actually exist along with cult themes and hidden youtube videos and websites so it seems like a well made ARG
There is a small reddit for the town too (skinner ) that seems to still be active
No i am not associated with the ARG or the creators I just saw someordinarygamers look at it and thought a game theory on it would be pretty cool
Doesn't look like anyone else is working on it so it's all yours Matt
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2021.11.28 16:57 ThatDudeYallKnow ✅$8 entry fee. (25,800vids, 200+ mega links in chat). Telegram user is @WokenDemon ,hit me on there if account is removed. ⭐️🙌🏿BEST GROUPCHAT🙌🏿⭐️ONLY HMU PAYMENT READY

✅$8 entry fee. (25,800vids, 200+ mega links in chat). Telegram user is @WokenDemon ,hit me on there if account is removed. ⭐️🙌🏿BEST GROUPCHAT🙌🏿⭐️ONLY HMU PAYMENT READY submitted by ThatDudeYallKnow to DeeLane [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 16:57 Xanat0s7 DeepDream: Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer 4

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2021.11.28 16:57 danbussell FREE $25 BTC 🤑Join Nexo Before 31st December 🤑Click For Details!

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2021.11.28 16:57 Mets_CS11 LOST Best & Worst Actors

Doing a rewatch and saw some good and bad acting. Wonder who yours are. Post your list below. This should not have anything to do with if you like/hate a character, just how well acted their character was.
Best Actors

  1. Sawyer (Josh Holloway)
  2. John Locke (Terry O'Quinn)
  3. Jin (Daniel Dae Kim)
  4. Sayid (Naveen Andrews)
  5. Ben (Michael Emerson)
  6. Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)
  7. Hurley (Jorge Garcia)
  8. Charlie (Dominic Monaghan)
Worst Actors
  1. Sun (Sun-Hwa Kwon)
  2. Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez)
  3. Tom Friendly (M.C. Gainey )
  4. Evangeline Lilly (Kate)
  5. Harold Perrineau (Michael)
  6. Matthew Fox (Jack)
Sneaky Good (but Minor Roles)
  1. Mr Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)
  2. Boone (Ian Somerhalder)
  3. Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan)
  4. Christian Shepard ( John Terry )
  5. Richard ( Nestor Carbonell )
  6. Jacob (Mark Pellegrino)
  7. MiB (Titus Welliver)
  8. Naomi (Marsha Thomason)
  9. Keamy (Kevin Durand)
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2021.11.28 16:57 telegetoutmyway Any review videos on the NOUHAUS ErgoTask chair or can anyone comment on how it compares to the Staples Hyken chair?

Title basically. Trying to see how it compares. Theres a lot of reviews on the Ergo3D chair, but cant find any on the Ergotask which I think looks a lot sleaker.
Could also throw in the Dexley for comparison, though I picked the Hyken over it.
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2021.11.28 16:57 joe_fayant Got Spider-Man 2099 issue 1 from my local comic shop. Was wondering if it’s actually from 1992. Is it a reprint?

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2021.11.28 16:57 MrJordanMurphy Patrol

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2021.11.28 16:57 cheesesticksrat FTX Exchange Rate

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2021.11.28 16:57 DarkangelUK Can't reset my password, anyone else having issues?

I got a security code through even though I hadn't logged into anything, so I thought it's maybe best to reset my password anyway just in case. Every time I click the option to send a password reset link it says "Sorry, we're currently unable to process your request. Please try again later", it's been doing this for hours now! I've tried Edge and Firefox and both the same, this is ridiculous.
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2021.11.28 16:57 _Pow__Pow_ [no spoilers] Like father, like daughter

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2021.11.28 16:57 BoxCreativeInt What is the biggest obstacle that prevents you from using video to promote your business and/or hire a videographer/video production company?

Hi everyone! Alfred here.
I run a video production company (small biz, we are a couple of people now). I'm restructuring our way of promoting the studio and trying to move away from hard-selling campaigns and relying more on stories and valuable content sharing to attract new (and recurring) customers.
Since video production can seem like an extremely expensive endeavor and a luxury some businesses can't afford, I'd like to know the position of other business owners and their perspective in regards to creating video for their business and if they would hire a videographer.
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2021.11.28 16:57 daftgilligan88 Christmas Mods

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2021.11.28 16:57 rob_steel Takes beef to make beef

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2021.11.28 16:57 MixPakora The story of my life.

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2021.11.28 16:57 maximkas What if preventing the omicron variant from spreading is a huge mistake?

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2021.11.28 16:57 ManagerMilkshake Big ups Elpresador

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2021.11.28 16:57 ChickenNuggetLad Wrong bulb, wrong hole

Hi all -
Quick question: earlier this evening my lightbulb went out so I went to replace - no problemo I thought.
Unfortunately being the DIY monkey I am, I didn't actually properly check the correct light fitting type, so ended up putting a "GU10" LED lightbulb into a "Bayonet" style fitting.
The result was a big bang and flash, with a burnt bulb and light fitting to match (images attached).
Do you reckon it's still safe to do what I should have done in the first place and simply replace with a new "Bayonet" type lightbulb tomorrow, or is the fitting now likely fried as well?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 16:57 gillybug1413 any ideas for this area? i plan on moving the shed and all that

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2021.11.28 16:57 niuz-bot OMS: Testele PCR rămân eficiente în detectarea variantei Omicron a coronavirusului - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Testele PCR sunt în continuare eficiente în detectarea noii variante Omicron a coronavirusului SARS-CoV-2 și sunt în desfășurare investigații pentru a determina dacă această variantă are vreun impact asupra celorlalte tipuri de teste, în special testele antigen rapide, a anunțat duminică într-un comunicat Organizația Mondială a Sănătății (OMS), potrivit AFP, scrie Agerpres.
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.11.28 16:57 NH009 First time making - asian pork floss rolls (spongy cake rolls)

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2021.11.28 16:57 balgruffsimp Wild Horse locations after I tame them?

Hi, so I’ve been taming the wild horses in the new AE add on, and I was wondering where the horses went once they were tamed. I tamed one, registered it at the stable, then went to tame another and repeated the process. Where did the first horse go? Whenever I fast travel it’s only the most recently tamed horse. Can I only permanently tame one? Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 16:57 ambientime Whip-its make EVERYTHING better!

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2021.11.28 16:57 JakeWeese Fuck you hipster fags

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2021.11.28 16:57 optimuspoopprime Does hardwiring a doorbell 3/4 give me a better pre-roll recording?

I was planning on getting a doorbell pro 2 if it went on sale but sadly never did and is sold out. Now I'm debating on the cheapest doorbell wired as it gives out decent video and will record a better pre roll motion recording compared to a battery powered ring. But the doorbell wired doesn't have the bells and whistles the battery doorbells have (3/4)
Will hardwiring the more expensive battery doorbells give it the ability to record a smooth pre roll and not the jagged black and white recordings on battery?
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