2021.10.18 09:40 GachanronpaCD_Dev ...

Stop😑 dont❌ talk🤐 to 🔜me 😏lame-o 😴loser 😝wannabe 🥴like oh🤓 totally😒
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2021.10.18 09:40 tim_tft 26 Asian M4F looking for dates or cuddle buddies

Hi, my name is Tim. I’m a 6 feet/skinny fit Asian grad student.
I’m pretty open to trying anything all the time. I love working out, watching films, photography, being outdoors and strategic games. I’m a Taurus so eating is always on my top priority.
I got out of a long term relationship a year ago. Started missing the intimacy and having someone to cuddle again so came here to see if anyone like minded would like to go on a date or be a cuddle buddy.
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2021.10.18 09:40 yourfairymonzter For her work in supporting accessibility at Expo 2020, Reem Al Hashemy receives a Sunflower Lanyard.

Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai, was honored today with a Sunflower Lanyard for her contributions to fostering accessibility at Expo 2020 and throughout the region. Steven Mifsud, Expo 2020's Director of Accessibility (for Direct Access), who has been the driving force behind the programming, curating, and training operations that ensure the site is inclusive and accessible to all visitors, awarded Al Hashemy with a Sunflower Lanyard.
Sunflower Lanyards, also known as 'Hidden Handicap Lanyards,' are a worldwide recognized symbol of a hidden impairment that can be worn by anyone who may require extra assistance, according to Mifsud. According to Steven Mifsud, "One of my first urgent objectives as Director of Accessibility was to make sure that persons with a strong sense of self-determination were welcome at Expo. One of the most effective ways to do so is to demonstrate to the area and the rest of the world that we support and endorse the Sunflower Lanyards. The media, and especially social media, can only go so far, but when you have a figurehead like Al Hashemy, it speaks volumes."
Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302981993
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2021.10.18 09:40 AkikosWorld Tiny chibi octopus necklace entirely made out of polymerclay - No painting just a bit of PearlEx on the body to make it shiny purple under the light 😃

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2021.10.18 09:40 randomgoos_the_goose burger

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2021.10.18 09:40 RandomPlayer1214 At last I got my card

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2021.10.18 09:40 Excellent_Smoke6415 3-way backlink exchange (only free)

I'm looking for partners for a 3-way backlink exchange (I have 2 strong SAAS domains with DR 70+ with a blog section) 🔗 Your domain should have at least DR / DA 50+ and a blog.
📌suitable topics: ecommerce, business, wordpress, social networks, content marketing, customer service, cloud services, tech, copywriting, startup, SAAS
📌If you are interested, write me a message 📩
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2021.10.18 09:40 Jaish11 I am tired of people like this.

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2021.10.18 09:40 saltwater-sailor If someone gets a new number and it’s the same as an old contact will the previous texts of the old contact disappear?

My sister passed earlier this year, my dad is getting a new phone and suggested taking her number since it’s already in our plan and we all know it. If he does, when I text him will it show up under her name? Will I lose all my previous texts with my sister? Unsure how this will affect my contacts between the two of them but I don’t want to lose my old texts with her.
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2021.10.18 09:40 GonzalezBetulio 💦 💦 # GracielaVarela

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2021.10.18 09:40 Real-Day_sevencris Nightmare Candy Freddy original character of firefoop

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2021.10.18 09:40 Zipeees Troubles.

Installing Far Cry 4 is such a hassle. First launch on Setup unarch.dll error show, so i though it was the torrent problem. So i redownload it again but it shows the same error again. Still the same. So i researched a bit on Google and Youtube it works. but now its stuck on 4.8%. I give up searching. I need your help.
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2021.10.18 09:40 SkyfighterGamingYT Post Nut Clarity Pt 1

Log 01 - Color Blindness
Who's to say who's the real blind person? Like, has human's perspective on colors changed throughout the centuries because of color blindness? Think about it, in the days when most families lived in small huts in the woods, they wouldn't have gotten outside opinions on color. So if the dad was color blind, and told his son that the tree was blue, then the son would think green is actually blue. He'd teach his kids that. So what if, we're all living a lie?? What if blue is actually green?? Are we secretly color blind??? WHAT IS REAL? IS THE CAKE A LIE???
this had been post nut clarity, or post nut confusion, whatever floats your boat
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2021.10.18 09:40 Lamarian67 Fight in the Mind

So I’ve been playing Fight in the Mind and I’ve found that there are ‘secret’ moves. While I was Remus, I made a black cloud that looked like it was scribbled surround him. I think this is the same move as Logan’s text box.
If anyone can tell me how to do that move as well as all other moves that are possible, that would be great. I’m using a keyboard btw.
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2021.10.18 09:40 Walls [Plan] Wednesday 20 October 2021; please post your plans for this date

Please post your plans for this date, and if you can, do the following;

You should go get vaccinated.
Good luck!
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2021.10.18 09:40 turtlecapz Kareena Kapoor (New)

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2021.10.18 09:40 horrishuberdale Soviet post punk Playlist I made of all the best Russian new wave and soviet post punk songs.

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2021.10.18 09:40 Charliethestupidrat look at these cute cows

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2021.10.18 09:40 FrostyGuest5142 Pov: there's a subreddit about the drill

Pov: there's a subreddit about the drill
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2021.10.18 09:40 ok1of1course .new çok boş

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2021.10.18 09:40 bot_protiv_clickbait Slobodna Dalmacija - Mati Rimcu zapeo je projekt za koji je dobio 52 milijuna kuna državnih potpora: ‘Rok mu je istekao, a o tome se šuti. Svjesni smo da mu se poslovni model temelji na lažnim obećanjima, očekujemo odgovornost aktera‘

Slobodna Dalmacija - Mati Rimcu zapeo je projekt za koji je dobio 52 milijuna kuna državnih potpora: ‘Rok mu je istekao, a o tome se šuti. Svjesni smo da mu se poslovni model temelji na lažnim obećanjima, očekujemo odgovornost aktera‘ submitted by bot_protiv_clickbait to bot_protiv_clickbait [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 09:40 Bagelbitesareyum 💕💓❣️❤️😘😍🥰Them🥰😍😘❤️❣️💓💕

💕💓❣️❤️😘😍🥰Them🥰😍😘❤️❣️💓💕 submitted by Bagelbitesareyum to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 09:40 2LJ3 Streamer gets high off a marker while writing a sub name down... uhh

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2021.10.18 09:40 Late_Significance519 "Escape to Tinder"?

So my new long-distance "date" is coming to visit me in mid-November. He´s very attachment avoidant due to relationship trauma, and I am giving me plenty of space. He´s given me some good signs that he´s into me, and some signs which may be hints or they could simply be me reading too much into them.
But it´s hurting me. He´s very stressed at the moment, and a few days ago I realised that he updated his Tinder profile again. Seems to me that he´s looking for some no strings attached fun as a means to calm his stress.
So the question is: do I respond to this? and if so, how? He is veeeery conflict-avoidant.
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2021.10.18 09:40 monokumasbellybutt0n Chapter 31-17 Theory (?)

I'm speedrunning after a long break to catch up to the story and I forget how much anxiety Gavin gives me and MC every single time he decides to make an appearance. I most definitely feel MC's pain given that I'm a Gavin stan, but really caught my interest was Shaw's appearance towards the end of the chapter. I'm not sure if it's actually been confirmed that Shaw is Gavin's brother but if it is, is he perhaps attacking Eli out of retaliation and he's mad for what Eli did to Gavin? Honestly I got spoiled(?) recently about Gavin and Shaw's relationship so I still have a lot of questions surrounding them such as whether or not they're aware of their own relationship with each other and why/when did it go sour, but the end of this chapter leads me to believe that Shaw at least still cares deep down. But yeah, not sure if there's any official content or evidence from the main story to prove or disprove my "theory".
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