Finding the right size for bolt-on toestops?

Lightning Bolt-On Replacement Thru-Axles. As long time cyclists, we are not fans of having our parts sticking out. Our Lightning Bolt-On replacement thru-axles offer a lower profile design without sacrificing strength and durability. Our axles are carefully machined to the highest standards in the industry, for the best fit. The Wolfgang Special features a basswood body with an arched top and a robust graphite-reinforced bolt-on quartersawn maple neck. The neck is carved and rolled to Eddie Van Halen’s exacting specifications and features a hand-rubbed satin urethane finish on the back. As long as the Wide Lite has a frame width between 18" and 51", this will work perfectly as either a bolt-on or weld-on (for a no-drill install) application. It will provide you with a 2" receiver and it has more than enough capacity for a small cargo trailer with your loaded Razor. 62138 This handy attachment adds a 2 in. receiver hitch to the step bumper of your truck or SUV. Easy bolt-on installation - no welding required. All-welded construction with integrated safety chain points. The best SUV hitch is a vehicle-specific receiver hitch that matches the vehicle’s towing capacity. SUV hitches can fall into class 2, 3, 4 or 5, because they vary greatly in size and capability. To select a hitch for your SUV, start by looking up the year, make and model. Find custom-fit options, and then choose based on your preferences and ... Wilwood bolt-on brake conversion kits are designed to provide superior braking performance and a highly detailed appearance over a wide range of domestic and import applications. The brake kits on this page fit the - - Buy Fulton HDPB330101 Fold-Away Bolt-On Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Beam - 5,000 lb. Weight Capacity: Winches - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases A tuck-in acquisition, often referred to as a "bolt-on acquisition," is a type of acquisition in which the acquiring company merges the acquired company into a division of the acquiring entity.

2021.10.18 08:34 churlish_toff Finding the right size for bolt-on toestops?

I have some quad skates where the toe stops are getting pretty worn out. I went to buy new ones, some Sure Grip bolt on stops ordered online. When I went to replace them I found out the new ones don't fit!
The original toestops have 4 little divots in the back side, and the plate around the bolt hole has 4 little nubs that line up with them. I guess to keep the toe stops from rotating over time. The new toestops also have the little divots, but they're all further out radially by a few mm. As a result, the stops don't sit flush on the bolt hole!
It seems like a size mismatch, but I can't find any info online about "sizes" for toe stops even being a thing, or even mentioning these nubs. Can anyone help me out? Is there a guide on this?
If it helps, my skates are Pacer GTX 500's.
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2021.10.18 08:34 trueworldnews La integració de totes les estacions a Grandvalira en cap cas serà abans de la temporada 2022-2023 [/u/apocalypse_then]

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2021.10.18 08:34 EitherCap3875 23[M4F] Katy area

Hmu in the Katy area
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2021.10.18 08:34 trueworldnews «El sector tindrà una recuperació econòmica a partir de l'estiu de 2022» [/u/apocalypse_then]

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2021.10.18 08:34 BigTonight4 ETS browser - 502 Bad gateway

I have the test in 2 hours and I'm facing some issues with the ETS browser. I have a MacBook Pro and when I open the ETS browser it says "502 Bad Gateway". Does anyone know how it can be fixed?
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2021.10.18 08:34 james33299 Washington trooper signs out for last time, tells Inslee he can ‘kiss my a—‘

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2021.10.18 08:34 trueworldnews El col·legi d'infermeres recomana que tots els sanitaris es vacunin [/u/apocalypse_then]

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2021.10.18 08:34 trueworldnews Middle eastern LGBTQ+ Discord [/u/oillycake]

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2021.10.18 08:34 ClockIzTickin What Best Describes Everything About This Whole Thing!!!

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2021.10.18 08:34 james33299 Tennis-British breakthrough as Norrie wins Indian Wells title

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2021.10.18 08:34 Hot_Taekout Why do 'free agency destination cities' matter so much in the NBA, but are largely irrelevant in other leagues?

I constantly hear that the NBA's young rich athletes naturally want to live in cities like LA, NY and Miami. But all the major sports leagues have young, rich athletes and the whole destination city doesn't seem to be a major factor outside the NBA.
Is this just lazy analysis by basketball commentators? Or is something else going on?
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2021.10.18 08:34 eyewoo Var kan jag köpa en sån här dörrklocka?

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2021.10.18 08:34 megaleggin But her cholesterol!!

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2021.10.18 08:34 Naamakana The best thing about New World is that you can only do the things you like.

Nothing is forcing you to do anything, other than couple of main story quests. You can get exp by doing pretty much anything.
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2021.10.18 08:34 Free-Cicada502 Something terrifying happened yesterday morning pt2: update and continuation

Thank you all for your comments. Sorry it’s taken me so long to update but due to the rules, I had to wait 15 days to post again. Some people have suggested demons. I read a story on here about this guy who’s friend’s house was haunted by a demon who hated him and the thing was attached to all the negativity and I feel like that might be what’s happening here or at least in my house. I have some updates. The night I posted, while I was getting ready for bed, I heard a male voice yelling my name from my backyard while I was in the bathroom. I just ignored it. Didn’t even bother to check if someone was really there. This was around 9 pm. On October 2 at 11:30 pm, I smelled my great grandma’s perfume in my bathroom 3 times while I was in there. It wasn’t 3 separate occasions, I never left the bathroom. I know what she smells like. I have 3 of her brooches that she left me after she died and I can’t wear them because they smell like her. She has a distinctive smell and nothing in our house except for her things smell like it, much less our bathroom. We do have an air freshener in there that’s on a timer but the scent in it was rose and is wildly different from how Nanny smells. I left the bathroom crying because it felt so real and it was like she was in the room with me. And the weird thing is that after she died, I kept thinking about what if she’s haunting us. She died like 3 years ago and I had no reason to think that but I couldn’t get it out of my head. On October 11, I smelled it again and I kind of yelled at her. I was saying how of all the rooms in the house to haunt, why would you pick the bathroom and how we weren’t very close so why are you haunting me instead of my mom and I apologized immedietely after because I felt like I was a bit rude. I haven’t smelled it since so I’m hoping that’s over.
On October 14 at 7 am, I was playing in the kitchen with my cat Ivy while sitting on the floor in front of the dining room table. We have an umbrella open in front of the litter box to prevent our dogs from going in there and the umbrella moved. Idk what made it move but it wasn’t my cats. On October 15 at 6:40 am, I was leaning up against a counter in the kitchen so that Catniss could rub up against my back. She had turned around and was walking towards me and she jerked her head around like someone grabbed her tail and jumped down and ran under the dining room table.
I’ve been having a hard time sleeping ever since my mom heard the voice. I keep randomly waking up and falling asleep. This has happened several days in a row. I’m a heavy sleeper. I’ve slept through a hurricane and the only thing that woke me up was the power going out because of how hot my room got. I have no idea what’s causing me to wake up. I’m not under any stress and I’m usually exhausted by the time I get into bed. Any ideas?
For everyone suggesting carbon monoxide poisoning: the only thing I can think of that could be leaking is our oven. It’s older than me and shares a wall with my bed. But if it is leaking, my mom should be more affected. She’s the one that cooks and spends the longest in the kitchen. She’s not having trouble with her memory. Our cats also love the kitchen and like to lay in the window across from the stove. They haven’t been acting strange. As for suggestions to set up cameras, we have a small camera that my dad bought a while ago but we don’t have a computer to actually check the footage. I was going to try to record myself sleeping with my phone on an app but it picks up the ac in my room. Sorry but I live in the south, I’m not sleeping without it until it gets colder. Thank you all for your concern and tips.
My dad is quite abusive to me physically. He was abused when he was a kid. He has complete control over the financials so I’m unable to get a job and so is my mom. We’re trying to figure out a way to get away from him but idk if we ever will. Anyways, some of you wanted to hear more so this is mostly about the woods and some small stuff that’s happened in the house.
So for context, my house is a one story brick house that’s on a huge hill. Our driveway isn’t level and the emergency break has to be on all the time in my mom’s car. The back of the house aka my room, the bathroom, the office, and part of my parent’s room is around 3 stories high. My parent’s room is at a corner of the house so one window is very low to the front yard while the other one is really high. This is why I said it’s really hard to break into my house. Not only that but because my mom doesn’t work, she’s home 24/7. We also have a streetlight on the corner of our yard near their room. I feel very safe from outside threats.
One night, me and my sister were watching a VHS movie in my parents room. They have a giant box TV in there so we often watched movies. I was sitting on my mom’s side of the bed near the tall window while Tori was sitting on the other side near the low window. I want to emphasis how fucking tall that window is. I heard a metal on metal noise and that’s one of the sounds I can’t stand so I turn to look for the source and I notice that the screen in the tall window had been cut. A perfect horizontal cut was now in it. I screamed and we ran out of there. My parents went to check outside and found nothing. No footprints in the dirt, no ladders had been moved, no weird cars on the street. Absolutely nothing. I found out recently that they never replaced the screen because Catniss had been sitting on the window sill and I went to pet her and noticed it. I flipped out on my mom and she said it was pointless to fix it.
Weird little noises always happen in the bathroom. We used to have this like muted pink colored plastic trashcan in there before we remodeled. Didn’t matter what time you took a shower, around 5 minutes in, you would hear something tap on it. It was a very hollow noise. I don’t know how to describe it but I knew it was the trashcan. I tried to rationalize it thinking that maybe the heat caused the plastic to warp, making the noise but it even happened to my dad who takes pretty cold showers. It happened to my friends too when they stayed the night. I always had to warn them about it.
Anyways this is the one experience that my sister can remember. So she had been taking a shower and we all heard this loud ass noise. My mom goes and checks on her and Tori literally fell into the wall. Like the wall was caved in. We just assumed she had slipped and moved on. But later that night, she told me something pushed her. The hole isn’t there anymore. It had been for years but it was fixed when we remodeled. There was a plastic bag literally ducktaped to it to prevent the wires in the wall from getting wet. The wall she fell into was connected to the office wall. Idk if the thing knew that and wanted to fuck with the power or maybe even electrocute Tori but it was creepy. I would like you all to remember that it is not possible for my family to move.
The last thing that often happened in the bathroom were the shadows. So the tub is right behind the door so when you open the door, it’s right up against the shower curtain but there’s like a small wall directly behind the door so it goes a bit of wall and then the rest is the curtain for the shower and then you reach the other wall if that makes sense. So when you’re in the shower, you’re facing with your back to the door essentially. When someone walks into the bathroom while you’re in the shower, you can see the shadow of the door opening, someone walking in, and then the door closing. But the problem is that sometimes when I’m taking a shower, I can see the shadow of the door opening and something walks in. I peak from behind the curtain but the door is always shut and nothing is in there. I would say it’s my imagination but I’ve heard my mom call for me asking why I’m in the bathroom so I know it happens to other people.
This is kind of connected to the bathroom. So the bathroom doorway is parallel to the livingroom doorway. There’s a hallway in between where my room, my parent’s room, and the office are. There’s a painting that my great grandpa did that’s in front of the doorway that’s framed so there’s glass protecting it. Because there’s a window right in front of the bathroom door in the bathroom, you can often see your reflection in the glass. Sometimes I see a figure that’s taller than me in it. I know it’s not me because my head only reaches a certain point in the painting but the shadow reaches a bit higher. For anyone who might ask, no the thing isn’t Opa. He’s been dead for a long time, longer than I’ve been alive. The only one in the house that knew him was my mom and Opa loved her. From what I hear, he was a really sweet man who loved his family. His wife Nanny never remarried and never moved houses until she died a few years ago and I smell her perfume sometimes.
Ok now for the woods. I’m not even gonna try to explain where this takes place in the neighborhood because this is already quite long. Me and my friend Destiny had been walking around selling those World’s Finest Chocolate bars. First of all, this creepy woman wanted us to come into her house so that was just weird on it’s own. We had been walking and noticed this like marker in the ground? Like it was a piece of wood with this orange florescent plastic tied to it so of course we had to check it out. It marked this little trail. We walked down it a bit and started hearing running water like a stream. This ties into another experience so keep this in mind. We could also hear like voices like kind of singing but we could tell they were working to cut trees. Not cutting trees down but you could tell they were cutting wood. At first I thought there may be like a factory or something nearby just because of all the noise so when I got home, I googled the area and there’s literally nothing in that area. No water, no factories, just houses. Years later I actually fell down that trail while on my bike and sprained my thumb and got a minor concussion. So that’s fun. We had been looking for that trail again but somebody got rid of the marker. I guess it’s plausible that workers were maybe like clearing that area but idk.
So three more experiences. 2 happen with my friend Kayleigh both around the same time. So we had been in a tent in her backyard. Something was fucking with us and was poking at the roof of the tent. Her parents weren’t doing it. We freaked out and went inside. Next one happened across the street of her house. Her house was in a little roundabout if you will. There was a straight road and on either side were loops of road where houses were located. Hers was on the wrong side of the road so if you were driving to my house from her house, her loop would be on the right side. My house was also on the right side of the street so the woods connected from behind her house around the back of the loop to the back of my house. Basically, I could jump my back fence and walk to her backyard if I wanted to. My dog Amber loves to jump the fence and always brings back bones. Nice, right?
Anyways, can’t remember why but we decided to walk into the woods across from her house. We noticed this little boy who was like maybe 5? He was white and had blonde hair. Nothing too memorable. He starts leading us through the woods and for some dumbass reason we decided to follow. We noticed several trees with red string tied around them like someone was trying to mark the way. We saw some creepy graffiti but I can’t remember what it said. There was an abandoned car where the roof was smashed down. We eventually find this river. Very shallow and slow moving. Suddenly we realize how thirsty we were so we stopped at this stream and drink a little but the boy gets his feet stuck. So we decided to walk the rest of the way to my house to get help. By the way, not once did the kid speak. Like he straight up never opened his mouth. When he got stuck, he just like admitted defeat and just stared off into space. So anyways me and Kayleigh are walking and we end up at this drop down. The ground just kind of stopped and dropped down further like maybe 12 feet? There was a tree that was kind of like a bridge down so we slowly start climbing it but we hear yelling from behind us. Her dad Jason had found us and was yelling at us wondering why we had been gone for so long. We hadn’t spoken to each other this whole time and it was kind of like we were in a trance. We both told him about the kid and how we were trying to get help for him and he said he didn’t see anyone. So we walk back to her house and it felt like it maybe took 5 minutes to leave the woods. We never saw the stream, the car, the graffiti not even the strings. Turns out we had been gone for around 5 hours.
Last one was with Destiny again, years before Kayleigh moved here. Her house is past Kayleigh’s and is on a massive hill. You walk down the hill and there’s two ways you can go. Either left to a dead end roundabout where her house is or right where you can turn left eventually and end up where the weird trail is. The woods near my house connect to her backyard as well. So growing up, me and Destiny were best friends. Might as well be sisters. We loved playing outside especially in the woods. So this random tidbit happened just near the woods. There’s this weird plant that looks like a feather duster but has long thin leaves. We loved breaking off the fluffy bits and playing with them so we were picking which ones we wanted and I was pushed backwards by something. I reached out and grabbed the leaves to stop myself from falling on the road and apparently those leaves are hella sharp. I sliced up my hands. Several times we had been playing basketball in her driveway and because it was a slight hill, if the ball rolled away it could roll all the way into the woods across the street. We’ve had the ball thrown back to us with quite a bit of force from the woods with no one there.
At one point, we found this tree that we absolutely loved to climb behind her house but there was one drawback. Sometimes in the distant mountains, you could see a little white house with smoke coming from the chimney. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if you see it, there will be smoke. It would randomly appear and disappear but the vibes it gave off were so unnerving. It felt like hundreds of eyes were on you and made you feel so anxious. Any time we saw it, we just went straight back inside.
Something I forgot to add in the original post is that sometimes the attic light turns on. Because of the house’s position to the sun, at night the bathroom and hallway gets really dark. Like I’ve walked into the bathroom door several times because I didn’t realize it was closed. The attic door thing is on the ceiling of our hallway and I can see the light from it sometimes. We only go up there twice a year and the light has a string you have to pull.
That’s about it other than just crazy neighbors and small things. Again, I’m not really looking for tips, just wanted to share this. I’ll let you know if anything else happens but for now I’m just gonna basically ignore it all. I know it sounds like a lot but this is all over the span of 19 almost 20 years. It’s not really scary, just obnoxious at this point. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions. Unless anything else happens, this will be my last post :>
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2021.10.18 08:34 james33299 China’s new construction starts plunge as chill spreads across sector

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2021.10.18 08:34 SomeEuropean_ We don’t want to see any flash points in the Arctic, EU envoy says

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2021.10.18 08:34 Triton900 Looking for a do-all backpack

Having fun building a bug-out/pistola bag and could use some opinions. Needs to hold a 10.5" AR pistol w/brace + 2-4 mags, handgun +2-4 mags and have room for ideally 72 hours of supplies, shelter, food, first aid, extras etc.
Anyone have something in mind or already owns something they can vouch for?
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2021.10.18 08:34 Mkjoe13 This ambiguous line in ghost of perdition

"If one cut the source of the flow and everything would change Would conviction fall in the shadow of the righteous?"
Not sure what does our good lord mean by that, I'm guessing he's contemplating suicide after what happened to his mother, any idea?
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2021.10.18 08:34 VelocityGru Sorry about the kids...

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2021.10.18 08:34 TigerMonarchy Tips On Molding/Shaping Smaller Falafel Portions

My question is in my title. Does anyone have any practical tips on forming smaller Falafel balls and cooking them to the standard of their larger siblings?
I want to make Falafel balls part of my winter daily meal, paired with a changing and evolving version of this shaved brussel sprouts salad. But I'd like smaller balls to incorporate on the side of the salad, preferably in logs or smaller balls like ones in spaghetti.
Due to the change in size, are there any tips for shaping/cooking in a smaller form? Many thanks.
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2021.10.18 08:34 james33299 China Q3 GDP growth hits 1-year low, raising heat on policymakers

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