When a large number of selected worms move to a point, they begin to turn into a rat king. Any ideas how this can be resolved? Or maybe leave it like that?

For years he wandered looking in vain for the King. More than thirty years afterwards he came to Jerusalem. There was a crucifixion that day. When Artaban heard of the Jesus being crucified, he sounded wondrous like the King and Artaban hurried towards Calvary. Maybe his pearl, the loveliest in all the world, could buy the life of the King. Upgrade to Inside PRO risk-free for 30 days. Join Inside PRO to gain access to our Slack community of over 2,500 entrepreneurs and executives, participate in community-only AMAs, and more for only $200 per year - try risk free for 30 days. A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Complete, by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. She often gets annoyed because:1. it is hard for her to feel connected to me when she feels I can't attend to what she is saying, 2. she doesn't like repeating a story because its no fun to tell it the 2nd time, 3. sometimes she feels like "I just want to have a normal conversation where I can tell a story and have you listen. All Four Daddy (4.54): Borrowed, blew, old, new. Four Sluts. One in charge Daddy. Incest/Taboo 06/27/18: Baby Sister Ch: 19 Part Series: Baby Sister Ch. 01: MARrIAge vows (4.50): Colombia is known for its coffee, its poppy fields... ZDNet's technology experts deliver the best tech news and analysis on the latest issues and events in IT for business technology professionals, IT managers and tech-savvy business people. Natural Health Fakers; their scam and their fear Jon Rappoport / Jon Rappoport by Jon Rappoport September 28, 2021 (To join our email list, click here.) In a small American city, a supermarket caters to locals who’ve lived in the area for a long time. Because the political authority has mandated masks, most of the… A NASA spacecraft named Lucy has rocketed into the sky with diamonds on a 12-year quest to explore a record-setting eight asteroids The company behind a digital token called Tether has agreed to ... Soda powders can be kept on hand, and the water in which they are used can be flavored with any kind of syrup or tincture, and thus make a fine drink for hot weather." --- Miss Beecher's Domestic Receipt-Book , Catharine E. Beecher, facsimile 1858 edition [Dover Publications:Mineola NY] 2001 (p. 184)

2021.10.18 10:10 microbiomegame When a large number of selected worms move to a point, they begin to turn into a rat king. Any ideas how this can be resolved? Or maybe leave it like that?

When a large number of selected worms move to a point, they begin to turn into a rat king. Any ideas how this can be resolved? Or maybe leave it like that? submitted by microbiomegame to Unity2D [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 10:10 kaskibenireco Wabe - Beyond Time and Space [Monkey League]

Publisher: Monkey League
Out Date: 2021-10-15
Quality: MP3 13.71 Mb / AIFF 60.35 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Wabe - Beyond Time and Space / (Key Am, BPM 125, Length 5:42)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=492847
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2021.10.18 10:10 Kedar_Undale Intermediate Level Grasshopper3D Workshops

Hello all, if anyone wants to learn Grasshopper3D please take a look at the below links.
1. Form Fabrication- Intermediate Level Workshop. Join this workshop to bring your parametric designs to life, using techniques of Planarization, Unrolling, Waffling and Sectioning. Plugins covered - Kangaroo, OpenNest and Lunchbox.
2. Iterating Sustainability- Intermediate Level Workshop. Learn how to create spaces that are environmentally friendly, by simulating the collected climate date. Using the data we will optimize the designs by creating multiple iterations and choosing the best outcome. Plugins covered - Ladybug, Galapagos, Lunchbox and Weaverbird.
3. Parametric Animations- Intermediate Level Workshop. Make your design process and presentation skills interactive by joining this workshop.
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2021.10.18 10:10 remvs98 Spurs-duo krijgt lof voor alerte reactie in Newcastle: 'Zo red je levens'

Spurs-duo krijgt lof voor alerte reactie in Newcastle: 'Zo red je levens' submitted by remvs98 to NUjijDiscussies [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 10:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [JP] - Kishida to respect expert panel talks on imperial succession, new top government spokesman says | The Japan Times

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2021.10.18 10:10 TheGingerHarris Questions about bonding boars in the comments

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2021.10.18 10:10 PurgingStone Need help with puzzle ideas

Looking for Puzzle ideas in a snowy city setting mainly involving:
-Police Station
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2021.10.18 10:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Whitmer’s campaign may have to return or donate millions from excess contributions, report says | FOX

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2021.10.18 10:10 Thekiller9846 gf? wdym?

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2021.10.18 10:10 Paganyan build theorycrafting for condition damage Renegade

So, I've been playing with a Revenant Renegade which I leveled to 80 today and spent about 5 hours running around and using skills and stuff.
I have some questions, mainly because this is my first condition damage character.
Well, I peeked metabattle to see how people tented to build shortbow focused renegades, checked some guides and whatever else, /m some questions in maps to see what people said, and I'm conflicted.
First of all, I want to keep to single gear set for everything, open world, raid, pvp, wvw, blah blah, no gear switching.
-> Why people go for Viper equipment instead of Trailblazer? (As reference, the former is Power + Condi major, Precision +Expertise minor. The latter is Toughness + Condi Major, Expertise + Vitality minor) Why ia power relevant in a condition build? Is it for bursting or a more hybrid approach? If I decide to ignore the frontend damage completely, Trailblazer is a better option, right? Or maybe even another different option altogether, who knows. Toughness, vitality and expertise all work great on condi builds.
-> What rune set? Superior Runes of Tormenting -> https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_Tormenting look absolutely sick. Maybe these with an armor with Condition Damage + Healing Power would be great. Sage or Plaguedoctor I think?
-> Also what is the "meta" for Renegade Condition specializations? Corruption, of course, but what's the other one? I've seen a lot of invocation and devastation. I used quite a lot of Invocation on open world, but I didn't make up my mind, since I'm quite new to the class.
submitted by Paganyan to Guildwars2 [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 10:10 lxststxrs Ali's importance to Sang-woo

This analysis is mostly from the perspective of Sang-woo, and who Ali is to him. It also heavily leans on my take on Sang-woo as a failed smart person, that I've posted about here.
To start off, the relationship between their characters mostly starts in Episode 2 when they were both dropped off in Yeoido. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk mentioned in the Squid Game Commentary Video that when Sang-woo gives Ali bus money, it was Sang-woo acting on the noblesse oblige, which is basically acting morally superior when with people who one sees as inferior to themselves. From here, I read it as Sang-woo initially seeing Ali as beneath him--possibly because Ali is a foreigner.
From there, we see their relationship progress. In Episode 3, Sang-woo first acknowledges that Ali could be an asset than a liability when Gi-hun reminds them all of how strong Ali is. By then, Sang-woo is focused on nothing but getting the money, and so plays his cards to win--and even if he saw Ali as beneath him, an asset is an asset. Ali, meanwhile, was just generally kind and respectful to them, and perhaps Sang-woo wasn't exactly used to that.
Sang-woo, with his history of being a genius and getting into a prestigious university, even becoming a team leader in his former company, was likely more used to being treated kindly when he achieved well. Being smart at a young age, he likely received disappointment whenever he achieved below the best, and so formed a self-image that convinced him he was only deserving of kindness and kind words when he did well.
We meet Sang-woo at the lowest point in his life: he feels like a failure, cannot handle being a failure, and is desperate to do anything to change that. He likely does not feel deserving of kindness, and thinks he cannot get any worse than where he already is. We watch him corrupt himself morally out of desperation to win, even if that meant the blood on his hands got more and more concrete as the episodes went by.
And then there's Ali.
Kind, kind Ali, who gives his kindness freely. Ali, who perhaps doesn't understand the cultural significance of SNU, and doesn't seem to acknowledge Sang-woo as 'smart' or a 'genius', and is simply kind to him. This is opposed to Gi-hun, who so often reminds Sang-woo of who he is expected to be, while Sang-woo knows well how far he is from that expectation. This is also opposed to Mi-nyeo, who only offered praise to get closer to Sang-woo (since it would've been advantageous for her if she paired up with him, since he could probably get them out of a bind again if it came to it).
Ali is likely what Sang-woo needed at the time: someone to be kind to him for him. Ali, who was kind to him not for who Sang-woo was or should be, nor for what Sang-woo could offer, but simply because he is Sang-woo.
This is what makes their relationship special, and what makes Sang-woo's decision in Episode 6 as powerful as Ji-yeong's impact on Sae-byeok's character arc, and as powerful as Il-nam's loss on Gi-hun's character's trauma.
Had Sang-woo chosen not to betray Ali, he would have chosen to create a self-image for himself. One that was apart from achievement and success, one that was not synonymous with a good job, a good education, and being the top of the class. It would have had Sang-woo building himself from the bottom up, becoming someone beyond Sang-woo, pride of Ssangmun-dong, graduate of SNU. If he didn't betray Ali, he would have gone through a redemption arc, become a moral of the story, an example of strength in deep anguish, and the like.
Except, in their situation, there is barely any incentive to do so. Such a choice necessitates a strong drive to become a better person, which would only get someone killed in a place like those games. In the outside world, where actions often have a butterfly effect and are then more tormenting, perhaps Sang-woo would have chosen better and worked on himself with Ali as his support and comfort, considering that Ali saw Sang-woo as more than just his intelligence and potential for success, which Sang-woo likely needed in his moments of deepest failure.
As opposed to: betraying Ali, and choosing to turn away from the one source of kindness, comfort, and warmth that Sang-woo found in his darkest times, instead choosing to chase the illusion of success. Because they are in the game, here there is the incentive of money and survival. If Sang-woo wins, he gets money that can turn his life around. He can stop being a failure. There is incentive towards betrayal.
Loyalty and honesty, however, would've just left him dead. Though of course, by then he would have formed an attachment to Ali, though subconsciously. This is what makes that decision all the more impactful and important to his character arc corruption--because he chose to betray Ali; he chose to turn away from the one person who saw him as he is and cared about him, not about his achievements or skills and talents; and by doing so chose to pursue the empty self-image of success no matter the moral degradation he would have to put himself through. Because of the heavy incentive to do so, Sang-woo keeps chasing the money and the possibility of un-failing life, whereas had there been no prize money, he would likely have made the most of his friendship with Ali and develop a sense of self apart from his achievements and skills. His friendship with Ali could have propelled him to accept his failure and mistakes and come back from it, because then he would not keep dwelling on the fact that he could have done better and achieved more but did not, and rather would be able to see it as a learning point to do better eventually.
There is, perhaps, importance in how Ali never really calls anyone by their name, mostly going by respectful titles, except Sang-woo. And that he calls Sang-woo 'hyung'. Brother. Especially because Sang-woo asks him to. This really shows the development from their initial interaction in Episode 2, where now, Ali becomes important to Sang-woo. And Ali is also closest to Sang-woo.
TL;DR Sang-woo was probably treated nicely and positively mostly because of his achievements and intelligence, and since he was at a point in his life where he failed to be successful, it was important for him to have someone be kind and nice to him simply because he was a person. That someone was Ali. So, Ali became the deciding factor for whether Sang-woo could choose to come back from failure by accepting it and trying again, or trying to undo the failure instead. Because of the prize money and the nature of the game of being less tormenting than reality, Sang-woo ends up choosing the latter, even after he forms a soft spot for Ali's kindness.
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2021.10.18 10:10 D3epSh3ep Suggest some well known or some dope mythical creatures.

I’m trying to buff one of my characters (Silver Wyvern) by making more weapons based off of mythical creatures. So far, I’ve done the wyvern, dragon, chimera, and the manticore so help
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2021.10.18 10:10 Funny-Ad-8370 MIR4 Quest | Peaceful Land Find the Suspicious Flower

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2021.10.18 10:10 beyond_matter the glass looks different in play mode (first image)

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2021.10.18 10:10 Heerranjha708 Madhuri Dixit from Dil

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2021.10.18 10:10 Apprehensive_Bid_71 Introducing Joe shroogAn.

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2021.10.18 10:10 NeedSomeMemeCream I need help.

I think I'm an attractive dude, but I got fucking screwed in the brain and I'm not sure how to get matches, other than people... I'd pick as a last resort....... Physical attraction is equal to emotional..imo... Is it all about bio or might I be completely wrong
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2021.10.18 10:10 Pure-Event-9767 Wtt: Childe, Venti and qiqi Ar 26 na

Lf na offers.
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2021.10.18 10:10 Acrzyguy Seven Hong Kong democrats jailed for up to 12 months over banned protest against security law

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2021.10.18 10:10 AdarW Hey

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2021.10.18 10:10 EnvironmentalWeb7351 LUNE - 🐱 Luneko 🌙 - An Adorable Cat Memecoin with HUGE potential! Under 24hours old - POSSIBLE 100x+ - 100k Marketcap

I love to get in coins early for maximum possible returns. And this coin is EARLY! There has also been a ton of effort put into the coin and website (the art they've got is amazing!).
With how successful dog memecoins have been, I really feel like this one could be one of the first cat ones to really take off! We can also feel assured that there aren't gonna be any rugpulls because the developers have already locked the liquidity!
As transactions happen your stack of luneko tokens grow automatically as well! Giving a great incentive for people to HODL. The community is awesome so far too! With very responsive devs
Tokenomics :
2% coin redistribution amongst holders on each transaction
18,400,000 total coins
⚠️How to Buy Luneko Token ???⚠️
📖Contract: 0x9bea4fae41ea3b55160a72cd53b83ab5fef5aaf6
🥞 Buy Now :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x9bea4fae41ea3b55160a72cd53b83ab5fef5aaf6
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9bea4fae41ea3b55160a72cd53b83ab5fef5aaf6#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.18 10:10 iJohntastic ARK Memes

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2021.10.18 10:10 PurgingStone Need help with puzzle ideas

Looking for Puzzle ideas in a snowy city setting mainly involving:
-Police Station
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2021.10.18 10:10 squishdish I crush on him

He was my Secret admirer My stalker 20 yrs younger than me A jock in high school A good guy Someone that cared about me Now 18 A mechanic Responsible Strong Interesting A mystery
I miss him in my life
He moved away
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2021.10.18 10:10 KOWANHM Value of build

Okay so soon I’m moving to another city and I’m not going to take my pc. I am going to sell it but I want to know how much it’s worth because all the prices are so different from when I was last up to date.
Here are the specs:
CPU - Intel i7 8700 CPU COOLER - Hyper 212 evo Black MOTHERBOARD - z370 H3 Gigabyte GPU - Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 3070 (non-LHR) RAM - 16 GB 2400mhz STORAGE - 500GB Samsung 850 evo m.2 - 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive (old) - 2TB Seagate Barricuda 7200rpm Hard Drive (new) CASE - Thermaltake basic case PSU - 650 Watt 80+ Bronze Power Supply Wifi and Bluetooth Card
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